Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The One Week Spending Challenge

I freaked out the other day.  I'm not a freaker outer really but I saw how much money I owe in loans, I panicked and came home and told my husband that we could never spend any money, ever again.

Obviously, this was an unrealistic expectation.  BUT we DID decide on a one (school week) spending challenge.

This week, we are seeing just how little money we can spend on non-essentials.  We are "allowed" to buy gas, toilet paper, dog food, etc.; the things that we need to live.  We are "not allowed" to spend money on extra food, coffee, and Amazon purchases of books or things for the house.

So far, we have succeeded in only spending $1 on extra things (I really needed some sugar to get through my late class on Monday, thank you, Lorna Dunes).  We haven't gone out for food or bought unnecessary things.  Only two more days to make it through before our weekend in Vegas!

So far, it feels really good to NOT spend extra money.  Each time I DON'T spend $7 on a burrito or $3.50 on a coffee, I know it's that much more money we can put towards the things we really want!

We'll see how the rest of the week goes!

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