Thursday, December 26, 2013

Team In Training Half Marathon Training

Team In Training or TNT is an affiliate group of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Essentially, you commit to raising X number of dollars (in our case, at least $2200) and then take about 12-18 weeks to train for a big race.  They vary by location but include half marathons, marathons, triathlons and big bike races like a century.

The husband and I started training with TNT in September.  I did Couch to 5k a few years ago for the first time and realized that HEY, I can run!  I had asthma from ages 8-21 so I never really thought that I could accomplish something like a half marathon.  TNT is different though.  We all do run-walk intervals so it makes everything so much easier!  Even our fastest teammates run for 6 minutes and walk for 1 minute.  The idea is that the one minute of recovery time gives your body the rest it needs for the whole race so you don't get overtired by mile 6 or 7.

Most of us are fairly new to running, some teammates are even walking the whole half marathon.  Everyone is super supportive and we have coaches and mentors who help us along the way.  And of course, we're raising money to help fight cancer so the mental and physical accomplishments are icing on the cake!

This half marathon is really the first part of this experiment, even though we're almost done with it.  Like I said, I was apprehensive about running a half marathon.  I have run six 5k's and a 10k now but a HALF MARATHON!?!  No wayyyyy.

Well, WAY.  I'm a pretty slow runner but I finish all those races.  And I'm not competing against anyone else really, it's just against myself.  Training for a half marathon has taught me that what they say in the movies is true: sports are physical but also incredibly mental.  I could not keep going to finish that 10 mile run a few weeks ago without people besides me telling me I could finish it.  And now when I'm on an 8 mile run, I tell MYSELF that I can do it because I already know that I can.

If you have always thought about running a distance farther than a 5k or 10k, I'm here to tell you that you CAN do it!  Team In Training is a great way to experience training for the first time and I promise you, you will make friends and have fun.

Now on to plan about food!!

Reaching High - 130 lbs - I CAN DO THIS!!

Another weight loss blog?!?!  Sigh.

I know, people are writing weight loss blogs everywhere on the net.  That's cool, feel free to move on and ignore me.  I won't care.  MUCH.

I'm finally going to lose the weight for ME.

I've never set my goal to the ultimate weight I COULD be at.  I always set incremental goals.  But something feels different in me now.  I want to know what it's like to weigh 130 pounds.

Will I feel different?  Most likely, at least about my body and how I eat and exercise.  This will be an experiment and I'm going to do it sort of Tim Ferriss style.  (Never heard of Tim?!  Gotta check him out.  He be crazy.  I'm not as crazy as him but I'm going to try to be fearless in trying new things like he does!)

I will be stepping out of my comfort zone to see what works best for me.  I've never tried pilates or boot camp...why not?!  Let's give it a go.  Never stuck with kettle bells for more than one week.  Why not try it for 3 straight to see what happens!??!  I've done exactly ONE spin class and almost passed out from it, seems like now will be a good time to try again.  Train for a marathon!?  Now we're getting a little eager but we'll see what happens.  I'll post reviews here about trying new weight loss venues for those other fitness beginners out there.

I have realized that the only thing standing between me and the weight I want to be is myself.

I would love to blame someone husband, my dogs...they're easy targets! But it's not their fault.  It's all me.  I'm the only one putting food in my mouth and I'm the only one who can choose to get OFF my butt and do something about it.

Here goes a crazy journey.  Step one, and blog post number two, will be a game plan for the next month that includes how I'm going to begin this experiment.  Since the hubs and I are still training for our half marathon that will take place on January 19, I think the first step is going to be all about food!

Stay tuned.