Friday, February 14, 2014

One Week Spending Challenge Update!

We will successfully complete our one week spending challenge today!  We went one (school) week with the goal of only spending money on necessities (like gas) and not purchasing extra food, coffee, or stuff.  We paid for gas, parking, and some things like toilet paper but we managed to only spend $1 extra (I really needed those Lorna Doones to get me through my afternoon class!).

Just like many of the bloggers I have read who do these kinds of challenges, I really didn't miss that coffee that I thought about or the extra snack that I wanted but did not actually need.  We cooked at home every night and made our lunches to bring to school.

It was a really great feeling to have not wasted at least $10 on Starbucks and who knows how much more on other things!

Now...we're leaving for Vegas tonight for a short two night stay with my sister-in-law so we know a few meals out are in our near future.  But since we did so well this week, we don't feel bad at all at splurging a little on this mini vacation.

Have you ever tried to go for a period of time without spending superfluous money?!

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